The Institute for Energy Studies was initiated initially with the establishment of Pusat Pengkajian Energi UI (PEUI) on April 30th, 1994. More precisely after the first meeting of energy studies enthusiasts at Universitas Indonesia. After the team had prepared everything, on June 22, 1994, the Chancellor of the Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Dr. dr. Muhammad Kamil Tadjudin Sp.And approved the establishment of the PEUI, at the university level, an activity unit in the energy sector. After making improvements and carrying out several activities, in March 1995, the PEUI changed its status to an Activity Unit under the Universitas Indonesia Research Institute (LP-UI) which changed its name to the Universitas Indonesia’s Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM-UI). From 2005 until now, the PEUI has been under the Faculty of Engineering and has more than 15 expert staff with Doctoral and Master’s degrees in energy and related fields. With the gradual development and collaboration over the years, PEUI has been mandated to fulfil the FTUI’s vision to improve interdisciplinary research in the field of energy. 

The energy studies in engineering faculty of Universitas Indonesia began to accelerate in 2015 with the development of two research centres i.e. Tropical Renewable Energy Centre (TREC) and Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy (SESP). In 2018, the interdisciplinary education in energy field flourish with the development of interdisciplinary master program of Energy Systems Engineering. Therefore with broader scope, the PEUI reintroduced itself as the Institute of Energy Studies, whose main goal is to become an even bigger hub in energy research, education, and services.