Institute for Energy Studies

About the Institute for Energy Studies

The Institute of Energy Studies is a hub of education and research centers in the field of energy, which includes graduate studies and advanced research at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. Our team comprises of researchers from research centers, Tropical Renewable Energy Center (TREC) and Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy (SESP) Research Cluster and interdisciplinary graduate program in Energy Systems Engineering. The institute offers inter and multi-disciplinary research, education, and services, to tackle global energy and climate issues, and be among the forefront of the energy transition in Indonesia.




Research Centers

Tropical Renewable Energy Center

Tropical Renewable Energy Center FT UI

Tropical Renewable Energy Center (TREC) was established in the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia in 2015. TREC carried out the most advanced studies on topics about renewable energy applications in tropical regions and provided high-quality research products by collaborating with scientists all over the world. TREC focused on research projects on the environment and energy issues, which are crucial for human beings in the 21st century.

Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy

Online Courses

Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy Universitas Indonesia (SESP UI) was established in 2015. It is an integrated research cluster on complex energy systems and policy analysis, trying to understand the relationship between environment, economic and social and their impact on energy systems.


Master of Energy Systems Engineering

The Master’s Program in Energy Systems Engineering aims to produce graduates capable of designing, analyzing, and applying energy systems to solve problems in the energy sector by utilizing a or interdisciplinary approach. The graduates of the program are expected to have proficiency in designing energy technology and system especially renewable and carbon-neutral energy, analyze energy economics, formulate energy policy, and understand professional ethics.


Advanced Lab

Energy Transition Lab

The Energy Transition Lab (ETL) is an advanced experimental lab to perform innovative and interdisciplinary research on the development of renewable and low-carbon technologies, electrochemical for solar PV, smart grid, energy storage and electrolyser, sustainable fuel, and carbon capture and utilization as key drivers in the energy transition.

Advanced Lab

Sustainable Energy System Lab​

Sustainable Energy Systems Lab (SESL) is an interdisciplinary approach in developing energy system model by combining engineering, economics, environment, social and policy aspects to support the transition away from fossil-based system and trying to understand it’s implication for society and especially on energy market designs on the behaviour of energy sector actors.

News and Events

Solve Climate by 2030 Webinar

Solve Climate by 2030 Webinar University and high school students across the planet, along with civil society, faith organizations and businesses, will tune into 100 events in fifty countries, university-hosted...
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Iftar Discussion: Sustainable Energy Transition

Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443 H and World Earth Day 2022 The FTUI Energy Systems Engineering Multidisciplinary Masters Program presents: Ngabuburit and Iftar together with the theme: “Sustainable...
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New Concept of Electricity Supply, Island Charging

The FTUI Energy Systems Engineering Multidisciplinary Masters Program presents: TSE Webinar Series with the theme: New Concept of Electricity Supply, Island Charging Presenting speakers: Leonardus H. Sijabat, S.T., M.T. [Energy...
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