The Institute of Energy Studies provides a variety of specialized research, educational, and consulting services to the public sector, private sector, and academic institutions. We warmly invite groups from the public and business sectors to discuss possibilities and the different ways we might work together to solve the issues they face.


Our academic know-how can assist your company in addressing technical problems or investigative issues. We will offer cutting-edge, novel insights into energy systems, transition, and sustainable solutions with a proven track record of interdisciplinary thinking. In the past, among many other things, we have worked on grants with the Indonesian Ministry of Education, collaborated with scholars from around the world, and provided national governments with energy transition policy advice.

Training and Education

For executives, business leaders, and high-potential employees in businesses aiming to foster innovation and make an impact, we can provide specialized training and instruction. In order to impart our experience and insights in a way that will have an impact on your company, we will collaborate with you to build a curriculum that is based on your training needs. The topics of training could include topics such as energy transition, energy modeling, energy system and technology, energy material synthesis, and energy policy.

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If you or your organization is interested in partnering with us, please get in touch with us.